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It’s probably unwise to voice a preference for one particular medium before I’ve even started blogging but I just want to say: I love radio.

There’s something about the way it allows people to engage that really appeals to me, allowing Joe Public to get involved without the exhibitionism of modern TV.

Anyway I digress…

I’m currently tuned in to the first ever Sexual Health Surgery on the BBC Asian Network, a digital radio station for all things South Asian (if you’re outside the UK, that means India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka).  If you weren’t aware, within the Asian community we are ridiculously bad at talking about s-e-x (shh!).  Most of my parents’ generation wouldn’t even dream of saying the word, and rather sadly that means that even those of my generation shy away from openly talking about sex, sexuality and sexual health.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that such lack of communication can’t be a good thing.  In fact, having heard some of the things on tonight’s show it’s dangerous, essentially leaving young people to rely on playground banter and whispered hearsay for their sexual education.  I’ve been one of the lucky ones – my parents are actually cool enough to talk about a lot of things openly, but sadly I know they’re in a minority.

This show has been billed as a one-off but I genuinely hope that it won’t be – it’s been such a brave piece of broadcasting which undoubtedly has broken some of the taboos that we as a community carry around.  And possibly shown that we need to face up to the fact that <shock, horror> Asian people actually have sex!

Hats off to the bosses for making it happen, to the amazing Bobby Friction and Noreen Khan for their matter-of-fact approach as presenters and to Dr Stuart Flanagan (who you may know from Radio 1’s Surgery) for his advice.

You can listen back using the iPlayer – an example of where the BBC really gets it right.


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